Vijay Eswaran is one of the biggest scammers in India. He ruined the lives of thousands of people through his devious company Qnet. He stole money from numerous hard-working citizens and fled to another country to avoid legal proceedings. He is ruthless who should be subjected to the strictest punishments possible.

Because of him, I had gone bankrupt and faced the lowest period of my life. He is a fucking bastard who only cares about filling his pockets. He is a big criminal and the worst thing is, he lies even now and says that he hasn’t done anything.

After stealing over $1.4 billion from the people of India, this guy simply left the country and started living in another one. He claims that all the charges against him are fraud and he is an honest man. But I’ve worked in his company myself and I can say for certain that this guy is a criminal.

All the charges against him are true and he should be thrown into jail for his filthy deeds. Due to these guys, the situation in India has become too poor.

India faces 1 economic fraud every hour that equates to a whopping 8,640 financial scams every year and this number just keeps increasing and increasing.

This is not a small statistic. Vijay has misused his power and money to bend the law. It is because of guys like Vijay that we suffer. These guys steal the money we earn after deliberate hard work and we’re left with nothing.

I have faced the horrors of his actions myself and there are no words that can explain the pain and agony I had to go through because of Vijay’s misdeeds. Vijay is counted amongst the richest people in Malaysia but the people there don’t know that his possessions are all because of his crimes. He never made an honest living.

Through this article, I just hope to raise awareness against this depraved financial scum. More and more people need to learn the truth about Vijay because he is roaming around freely without facing any consequences of his crimes.


This fathead was born on 7th October 1960 in Penang Malaysia. He has a net worth of $500 Million and went to the London School Of Ecomonics& Southern Illinois University for his education. His father VijayaratnamSaravanamuthu is the founder of Malaysian Hindu Youth Organisation.

He went to Europe for his studies and traveling. He started doing MultiLevel Marketing for Systematics in the late 1980s. This is the time when he started learning how to con people and steal their money. When he returned to Malaysia after 13 years the Cosway Group contacted him, and then he just dived into the Multilevel Marketing industry.

Vijay Eswaran started his multilevel marketing company in 1998 by the name of QI Group (also known as QNet Ltd. QuestNet, GoldQuestand QI Limited). It was supposedly a company that provided multiple services and products including, wellness, luxury products, telecommunications, media, travel & corporate investments. Everyone knows about this company, as it did one of the biggest scams in history.

Recently in 2017, Eswaran& Green Venture Capital has started a project called the QI City. With Eswaran being the main head of this project, the only god knows how much corruption he will be doing behind the scenes.

Vijay’s Qnet stole my salary of months

Vijay Eswaran is an abuser of laws who doesn’t hesitate in using his purchasing power to solve his problems. I hadn’t heard about Vijay much when I came across QNet. If I had known that this guy was an established con artist and a wanted criminal in another country I would have never worked with him.

I had no idea about his past crimes and his vicious activities. His pomp and show are misleading. I am one of the early employees in Qnet. And I can promise you, it was the life-wrecking decision of my life. If I hadn’t invested anything in this company, I wouldn’t have had to face so many problems and live a pitiful life.

Vijay’s company was supposed to be an honest organization, which provides valuable products to people. I was promised a good product and a steady source of recurring income. But what they really did is extremely shameful and disgusting. They are low-minded human beings who don’t care about other humans and the victims of their crimes at all. Vijay himself is scum and a financial fraudster. He is already wanted in India, apart from many other countries.

I had started working in his company as a marketing manager. My job was to handle the promotion of the different products of Qnet. The different endorsements and celebrity support had already made Qnet a trustworthy name in the market. Little did I know, that these people were literally ‘paid to lie’. This fuck face, Eswaran, had made all kinds of lies just to make his company a success.

The products of Qnet were already kind of shady. To be honest, I didn’t believe in them too. At that time, I didn’t focus on the products but more on the job. It was a mistake, I know but I’ve already paid the price for that crime. I was focused on making sure that the customers who bought the product promoted them for us as well.

The whole business model of our company was terrible. It was based around fooling people and when they realize that they have been fooled, we were supposed to tell them to fool others. This Ponzi scheme was one of the biggest scams I have ever witnessed.

I’ll be honest. Their products were worthless. They were doing false claims for every product they had available. How can placing a glass of water on a utensil treat cancer? My job was to see if the customers were buying the products or not and whether they were promoting them.

Vijay had spent a lot of money on marketing this scam. People were supposed to invest around 5 lacs for getting started with the products. This is a huge amount but the promise was, “You can make money by selling them too”. So the customers were supposed to buy the product, use it themselves and then market it and sell it to theirs.

They were supposed to get a percentage of the sale they make. If a customer got another person to invest 5 lacs as well, he or she would then get 50% of that person’s investment. Apart from that, the first customer will keep receiving the commissions from referrals of his referrals. This multi-level marketing scheme filled the pockets of a few people.

But most people were struggling a lot. Why? Because the initial investment was considerable. People were putting their life’s savings and risking their hard-earned income because they thought it was a legit scheme. Not only that, Vijay’s company had ensured that people don’t think of their products as bad.

The situation took a turn for the worse when many people started facing financial problems because of this scam. They were not earning any income and the products were in fact, not working at all. This caused unrest everywhere.

As soon as the people started demanding money, our salaries stopped. I wasn’t getting anything from the company. I had raised the objection of our customers with the management and they simply shrugged it off. They didn’t even care about the kind of pain people had to go through because of the pathetic and useless products of Qnet.

I tried to resolve the issues of different customers but I had really realized that things had gone out of hand. Additionally, my salary had stopped and they were promising me that I’ll get it soon.

It was a lot for me to handle. I worked there for 5  months without receiving any payment until they fired me because of ‘lack of funds’. I couldn’t believe it when they told me that the company doesn’t have any funds to give to me. On the other hand, Vijay was living in luxury with his big houses and cars.

All my efforts in helping the customers and trying to mitigate the outrage went into the drain. They stopped acknowledging me. I filed a case against them but they are powerful people. Fighting them didn’t yield any result.

When thousands of others are still waiting to get any justice, how can I expect mine? It has all been a pathetic experience for me to work for that fucking thief. He is a fat-headed cheater whose sole purpose in life is to keep stealing from poor people.

My family and I had to face numerous hardships, just like the customers of Qnet, because of Vijay’s unethical corporation. Vijay is a clear example of power and money abuse. He doesn’t care even one bit about the kinds of deeds he has done. He has ruined thousands of lives all across the globe but he doesn’t have any remorse for his crimes.

I had to take loans from my family members, friends and even people who didn’t even know me well. My financial situation was pitiful. To go through that painful period I had to spend all my savings. They had promised me that I will get my full dues when the time comes. Alas, it never came.

Due to the problems I faced, I was able to relate with their other victims. But I couldn’t help them at all because I didn’t hold a powerful position. All the decisions were taken by the upper management and they were under the control of Vijay the pathetic Eswaran.

Working under Vijay was the worst time of my life. He has stolen money from thousands of people and he didn’t pay any of his employees. I wish he goes to hell.

His scams (from $100,000 to $1.4 Billion scams):

Mr.Big-as-a-cow has done an unbelievable number of scams and frauds. I did not know about his scams otherwise I wouldn’t have associated with him in the first place. His chain of scams starts way back from 2006, when he partnered with Donna Marie Imson, Joseph Bismark and Tagumpay Kintanarand defrauded 2 Filipinos for $100,000. He scammed them with his Gold Quest pyramid scheme. Philippines’ Government charged these scumbags with a non-bailable offence, as it was such criminal activity. Their arrest warrant was issued by Judge Bayani Vargas in April 2006. However, by using his connections and bribing the judges, Eswaran successfully dropped the charges that were on him and his fellow con artists.

Later in 2007 a couple of ex-partners of Gold Quest filed a case against all the four directors and it led to Interpol Red alert against them. This case was fought in Jakarta and Manila and Eswaran& his fellow scammers requested the Philippines Supreme Court so that the court stop their Quezon City Regional Court trial. But guess what happened this time? Yes, Vijay paid off the court by bribing them and used his connections to get free from the cases in just 3 weeks.

All of these scams were done on a large scale and Vijay got away with them anyway. He has scammed thousands of people and is still on the loose, why? Because he is rich and whenever he gets too cornered he diminishes the cases with money.

In 2008, Eswaran did the biggest scam of his life, the Gold Quest scam of Chennai. In this scam, thousands of investors lost their money and unfortunately, I was one of them. People from Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi, Chennai and Bengaluru (and even Rwanda, Egypt and Sri Lanka) filed cases against this fuckface. The Hyderabadi Economic Offences Wing has titled the Gold Quest scam as a “Ponzi Scheme”. This case was presented to the Supreme Court and they appointed one of the retired judges of Madras High Court to look over the matter and solve it.


He fled the nation and during an interview, he claimed that he has done nothing wrong and he is being victimized by the journalists and “his enemies”. The company QNET, state that Vijay does not have any share or position in the “Indian” franchise of the company called Vihaan Direct Selling Private Limited. Everyone knows that Vijay is still the main head of the company and he is living an extremely lavish life off the hardworking people’s money. While the victims of his crimes are fighting against a totally biased system and trying to make ends meet. Even though the company claims that they don’t have anything to do with Vijay, the Wikipedia page of Qnet clearly shows that Vijay Eswaran is one of the Key people of the company.


Vijay’s location is not known commercially and the police are still on the lookout for him and a couple of other scam artists included in the QNET scam. It is most likely that Vijay Eswaran is living his dream in Hong Kong where his company’s headquarters is situated in. The Economic Offences Wing has been working their asses off in order to find the criminals but until now their efforts have gone to waste.

The company, QNet STILL claims to be 100% legitimate and they state that they are not a Ponzi scheme and haven’t done anything wrong. Vijay Eswaran has denied these allegations as well.QNet is actually “shocked” after hearing this statement because they claim that they are a legal company with no criminal background.

How did these scammers convince people into investing money in QNet?

Being a victim of the QNet scam myself, I can tell you how exactly these scammers approach people and convince them into giving them thousands of dollars (lakhs of rupees). First of all, they target people aged from 20-30 as most of the people at this age who want to get rich and are doing a simple 9-5 job or a small business. Their most clever tactic which led them to scam thousands of people was to use your own friend against you. The company rarely contacts anyone directly, instead, one of your friends will contact you and ask you demotivating questions (like “Are you happy doing this job?” and “Do you really want to live like this for the rest of your life?”). They will tell you how they are earning millions and going to international business trips. And at last, they will tell you that you can build a multi-million business just by working a couple of hours every day.

After that, your friend will tell you about a meeting where you will meet a QNet representative, who will tell you to invest a couple of lakh rupees (5 – 10). And a month after that, they will start sending you random books and some goodies and after that, you are done. That’s all they are ever going to give you! Forget about those crores and lakhs of rupees, because with QNet you are never going to get them.

Support from Celebrities

QNet has received massive support from big Indian celebs including Shahrukh Khan, Anil Kapoor, Vivek Oberoi, Yuvraj Singh and Boman Irani. Vijay has paid these celebrities some big bucks to support his scam.  I was fooled by these endorsements too. I didn’t think that Vijay had actually ‘bought’ these people.

They publicly support Vijay Eswaran and QNet and ask people to invest in the company. 100 of crores of people look up to these celebrities like god and they do whatever these celebs ask them to do. Eswaran knows the power of their influence and thus buys it from them.

Recently police have taken action against these celebrities and notices have been sent to them for endorsing such a big scam. However, some real action is yet to be seen.

Vijay Eswaranstays quite active on social media platforms to keep his image sober and clean. If there is one thing he does not lack, then it is money. And he uses his money to cover up his reputation online and offline. He must be spending millions every year just to hide the truth from as many people as possible. He scammed people before and through social media, he’ll scam more again.

He relies on social media to get more people into thinking that he is innocent and drift their focus from his crimes.


vijay eswaran 2

On Twitter, he posts motivational images and quotes which are considered an awesome method for developing a good image online. He has 16k followers and he tweets every day. Twitter is a really influential social media platform and the reputation Vijay has built here can easily fool people into thinking he is a “philanthropist” and “Entrepreneur” as his bio states. His Twitter account also confirms that he is residing in Hong Kong to stay away from the Indian police’s reach.


vijay eswaran 3

Eswaran also has a YT channel where he posts motivational stuff as well. Even though Vijay claims that he has no relationship with QNet, his YouTube channel recommends the official channel of QNET and QI Group. Not only that, but his YT description also states that he is the Executive Chairman of QI Group, which includes QNET.


vijay eswaran 4

Vijay has a massive following on Facebook however, considering this guy’s history, I can guarantee that most of those followers are not real. He posts the same shit here as he does on Twitter, and his FB page is used as a cover-up and nothing else.

Total Score

I know this little article wouldn’t do any damage to a titan like Vijay. He has enough money and power to live a lavish lifestyle for decades. I suspect if he’ll ever get caught for his crimes.
I can only hope. Because I’m not the only person who has paid a price for working with Vijay. There are thousands of others facing problems just like me.
Vijay will get caught one day, but how soon will that day come?

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