Golam Sarwar Sarina of Texas is a corrupt crook. He was charged by the Anti Corruption Commission (ACC) for defrauding his customers as a real estate developer.

The man hid a lot of financial details and defrauded various others.

Golam Sarwar Sarina

Before you consider doing business with this absolute fraud, you should read the following review on Golam Sarwar Sarina. It will help you understand why you shouldn’t trust him and why you should avoid doing business with him:

What the Marketers of Golam Sarwar Sarina Want You to Think: 

This section only contains the misleading claims made by the marketing team of Golam Sarwar Sarina.

Golam Sarwar Sarina The Austin, Texas-based Sarina Interiors was founded by Sarina. When he was 5 years old, Golam Sarwar Sarina and his parents emigrated from India to the US. He has spent the last forty years working in the interior design industry. The person who has most influenced Golam is his father, an architect who immigrated from India and established a design business in Austin.

Golam was first introduced to the field of design and interiors by Mr Sarwar. During his summer breaks and after-school hours, Golam used to assist his father with his studio, where he discovered a passion for interior design.

Working with his father gave him a strong foundation in the dos and don’ts of the design world, covering everything from the fundamentals of colour theory to more intricate ideas like colour psychology and its effects on people.

More so than architecture, the science of interior design captivated Golam. He understood at a young age that he wanted to pursue a profession in interior design.

Golam utilized a dual enrollment program during his senior year of high school to launch his profession.

While Golam’s classmates were freshmen, he was already a sophomore. He earned a bachelor’s degree in interior, architecture, and design from the School of Design and Creative Technologies in Austin.

He officially joined his father’s architectural design firm as an assistant after graduating, where he established a new interior design section. He was able to learn valuable lessons about choosing colours, window treatments, furniture placement, and ideas thanks to this responsibility. After his father’s passing, Golam chose to launch his own business because of his commitment and talent for creation, which quickly attracted a devoted following.

In April 1993, Golam started Sarina Interiors. Golam has worked with hundreds of home and business clients during Sarina Interiors’ three decades in business. He is renowned for going above and beyond expectations and for consistently coming up with novel marketable ideas. Golam Sarwar is overjoyed that his passion has become his line of work.

He appreciates hearing what his customers have to say and seeing their joy when their decorating aspirations come true. In addition to meeting the needs of his clients, Golam is a devoted husband and father of two. IT professional Rakhi works as a freelancer. Golam enjoys seeing new places and trying different foods.

Exposing the Criminal History of Golam Sarwar Sarina:

golam sarwar sarina

Golam Sarwar Sarina, the chairman of Hotel Sarina, Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury, the head of the main opposition BNP standing committee, his wife, and two other people were named in a case that the Anti-Corruption Commission filed against them on Monday for allegedly participating in fraud and deviating from the original plan to construct Hotel Sarina.

image 52

The two consist of Sabera Sarwar, the managing director, and Aurangzeb Nannu, the construction inspector for Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha. Hotel Sarina chairman Golam Sarwar Sarina, Amir Khasru Mahmud Chowdhury, the head of the main opposition BNP standing committee, his wife, and two other people were named in a case that the Anti-Corruption Commission filed against them on Monday for allegedly participating in fraud and deviating from the original plan to construct Hotel Sarina.

The two are Rajdhani Unnayan Kartripakkha building inspector Aurangzeb Nannu and managing director Sabera Sarwar.

On plot 27 on road 17 in Banani, a five-star hotel named Sarina was constructed, according to the case statement.

After purchasing plot 25 and deviating from the approved plan, a 21-story building bearing the same name was also erected.

The ACC secretary stated that within a day or two, the commission will assign an investigator to the matter, who would then take the required action.

In response to a query, he stated there was no political pressure to bring a case against Khasru.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is Golam Sarwar Sarina ?

With its main office in Austin, Texas, Sarina Interiors offers interior designs all around the state the distinctive tranquilly of its local setting. Sarina Interiors was founded out of a love for excellent design by Golam Sarwar Sarina. With its designs, which offer eternal reflections of the owners, Sarina Interiors offers amazing experiences. Golam’s father immigrated to the United States from India and established life as an architect. Later, Golam inherited his father’s passion for colour and design and followed in his father’s footsteps to make a reputation for himself. He has about 40 years of experience servicing Texas and the neighbouring territories, and he is renowned for his distinctive sense of creativity.

Where is Golam Sarwar Sarina situated?

With its corporate office in Austin, Texas, Sarina Interiors provides interior designs throughout the state with the special tranquilly of its local setting.

What did Golam Sarwar Sarina do?

Golam Sarwar Sarina has been charged by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) with misappropriating a plot, concealing ownership of shares in Hotel Sarina Dhaka, and breaking the building code.


Hotel Sarina Chairman Golam Sarwar Sarina Amir Khasru, a member of the BNP standing committee, and his wife are among the five people accused by the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) of misappropriating a block of land, concealing ownership of shares in the Hotel Sarina Dhaka, and breaking the building code.

The information was revealed by ACC Secretary Md Mahbub Hossain during a press conference on Monday at ACC headquarters in the city. The lawsuit states that after looking into claims of Amir Khasru and his wife misappropriating assets above known income, the ACC was instructed to prepare a report. The investigation revealed that they, together with their relatives Nina and Golam Sarwar, had disguised their ownership of shares in Hotel Sarina.

Instead of building the 15-story structure Rajuk had authorised, Amir Khosru and his brother-in-law Golam Sarwar acquired plot number 25 of Road 17 in Banani, now known as the Basati Tower, and built a 21-story structure there.

Amir Khosru chose Golam Sarwar as the developer of the nearby plot 27 which was owned by the aforementioned organisation while he served as the president of CSE, a member of parliament, and the commerce minister of Bangladesh. He and his wife later became implicated in the theft of the plot. To house the five-star hotel they own, Khasru and his wife collaborated with his brother-in- law’s company to erect a 22-story structure on the land.

He disregarded the CSE Board of Directors’ decision to give the contract to his company in an unauthorized manner.

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Golam Sarwar Sarina is a scammer you should avoid doing business with. He defrauded others and hid information about his shares in different assets. The fraudster was charged by the ACC. Avoid dealing with him.








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